Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can I get a clone or robot please??

Yesterday my phone rang, it was Children's Hospital reminding me of a genetics appointment that I scheduled for my son 8 months ago. The first thing that came to my mind was oh sh** I scheduled an appointment for my daughter on the same day two months ago. I know its my fault but sometimes it's a little hard to keep track of appointments that have to be scheduled almost a year out. For two parent households this isn't really a problem. You just split it up. Unfortunately like most of us single moms the feeling of having to be in two places at once is a common feeling and anxiety provoking situation. It made me think of a show I watched on Vanguard ( Vanguard makes unaffiliated uncensored mini documentrys about current events. You can find them on the Current tv station http://current.com/shows/vanguard/) about Japan and robots that are human like. I though to myself they should give those to single moms so we can be at two places at once. A clone would work too, even if its a little weird. I just wanted to share this with all you moms out there. Your not alone, don't get to much in a panic. At times you just have to say fu** it and get rid of one of the appointment's. Just make sure you call and reschedule so the doctors office doesn't get upset. What are they going to say I don't want your money?? Yeah right lol!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!


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